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Simplistic Contract


United States Postal Service                                             NRLCA Contract - RCA Only

This guide is a super condensed facts only for RCAs.

The NRLCA contract is an easy document to read but it is difficult to understand. This guide will help answer some of the basic questions that most RCAs will have at some point in their career. There will be no need to argue, fuss or discuss. These are simply fact driven in black and white from the contract. A direct link or location will be given to the current contract and I will try to keep it updated as new contracts become available. ALWAYS check the date of the contract on this front page. There may be a day I decide to stop updating. And as always always ask your union steward or representative if you need help. There will be no interpretation. If an interpretation is needed it will not be listed here. 

Please get involved with your union and I can not say enough “Learn your contract.” Attend meetings to ask questions and show your involvement.